Eingangsschild zu ZAW

About ZAW

The German Advertising Federation (ZAW) aims to achieve politically balanced and optimal economic conditions for the advertising industry – in the interests of growth, innovation and employment in Germany.

Advertising counts. It is an integral part of the free market economy and an indispensable factor in a diverse and independent media landscape. Advertising communication is seen and heard every day, making it the subject of social and political debate and initiatives. ZAW is the national association of the advertising industry in Germany. It forms a large, dynamic network of 41 member organisations through which it represents all sectors and disciplines in advertising.

ZAW’s members are organisations and companies from the following sectors:

  • Advertising industry (18)
  • Media and publishers (17)
  • Communication and media agencies (2)
  • Market/social research and advertising professions (4)

ZAW tasks

ZAW is active in all areas that are important and instrumental to the advertising industry:

  • Defending and promoting the freedom of commercial advertising, and in particular disproportionate product-specific or media-specific prohibitions and restrictions on commercial communication;
  • Promoting fair and responsible commercial advertising, both in legislation and through voluntary self-regulation;
  • Representing the sector in economic and social policy issues;
  • Coordinating and combining interests and opinion within the advertising industry. ZAW serves as the advertising industry’s round table.